About Us

We Are PIRMA - Pennsylvania's Largest Municipal Pool

PIRMA, or Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Association, is a group self-insurance pool that offers comprehensive liability and property coverages to Pennsylvania public entities.

The program's philosophy differs from that of a traditional insurance program in that PIRMA is owned by its membership and serves only the interests of its members. PIRMA has grown steadily since its formation in 1987 and is over 600 members strong - making it the largest public entity pool in Pennsylvania.

Each PIRMA Member is provided with $10,000,000 liability coverage limits. Broad employment practices, pollution, and punitive damage coverages protect the Pool's members in areas where insurance carriers leave significant gaps.

In addition, PIRMA Members receive specialized Loss Control and Claim Services. The Loss Control Division works with the Members to decrease losses through the identification and analysis of risk and the implementation of loss control measures. PIRMA provides personalized Loss Control services, resources, training, and education to the Members' public officials and employees. The Claims Division provides an outstanding hands-on approach utilizing extremely experienced staff to assist the Members. PIRMA's claim staff is committed to excellent customer service while providing fair claim settlements, if appropriate.

As a result of PIRMA and its value added services, Pennsylvania's public entities and communities are safer for everyone.

Pennsylvania's Largest Municipal Pool

Creating Safer Communities

Owned By Its Members

600+ Members Strong

Grown Steadily Since 1987