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History of PIRMA

PIRMA was formed in 1987 in response to the availability and affordability problem local governments faced when they were abandoned by insurance carriers in the late 1980's.

Over 600 local governments have joined PIRMA since its inception.

The Pool's reserve funds are invested according to a strict investment policy created by the Pool's Board of Directors. Safety of principal is the primary goal of the investment policy. Currently, PIRMA invests 80% in fixed income instruments (bonds) and 20% in equities.

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No, PIRMA is not assessable. A dedicated reserve fund has been established to prevent year to year assessments.

PIRMA offers General Liability, Automobile Liability, Public Officials Liability, Law Enforcement Liability, Specialized Pollution Coverages, Property, Automobile, Equipment, and Crime.

PIRMA provides a $10,000,000 per claim liability coverage limit. There is no aggregate limit.

Yes, PIRMA has 3 layers of excess coverage which allows the Pool to provide the $10,000,000 coverage limit.

Yes, prior acts coverage is available.

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Loss Control

Yes, PIRMA provides each member with dedicated, on-site loss control services.

PIRMA Representatives are always available to assist you based on your needs. Each PIRMA Member receives an on-site visit at least once every three years. New members are seen within 90 days of joining the Pool.

The Online Resource eLibrary contains thousands of DVD titles that are available to PIRMA Members free of charge. The eLibrary also provides online training courses to members. PIRMA also maintains a wealth of policies and procedures including employment manuals, police manuals, and various other procedures that may be of use to members.

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