Uper Yoder Township Municipal Authority Receives a PIRMA Loss Control Grant

The Upper Yoder Township Municipal Authority recently received a $5,000 Loss Control Grant from PIRMA. The Authority completed an upgrade to a pump station to help reduce the risk of failure and backups. The PIRMA Board awarded 4 grants for 2021 and voted to increase the amount of money available to the grant program in 2022. This highly successful program has helped to reduce the risk of member claims and increase the safety of communities throughout the Commonwealth. The application for 2022 grants will come out in the fall.

PIRMA Legal Access, Third Thursdays, and Consultation Policy

Beginning January 1, 2021, PIRMA members will be eligible for up to 120 minutes of free legal Consultation annually. Additionally, PIRMA will host a Third Thursday webinar each month in 2021 for educational sessions - first up, "Best Practices in Municipal Police Department Management".

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Shenandoah Municipal Authority receives a PIRMA Loss Control Grant

Dan Salvadore and Jen Hepler from Shenandoah Municipal Authority receive a PIRMA Loss Control Grant for the Authority's Dam security project.

PIRMA's COVID-19 Relief Rate Reduction and Legal Access Program

Effective January 1, 2021: Members renewing their membership in PIRMA will receive a 5% rate reduction on their liability contribution. Additionally, PIRMA members will be eligibile to free legal consultation through PIRMA's Legal Access Program.

Danville Borough Receives a PIRMA Loss Control Grant

Bruce Earlston from Danville Borough receives a PIRMA Loss Control Grant for the Borough’s relocation and update of a protective fence at Hartman Park. The fence protects small children from a steep embankment along the Susquehanna River.

Helpful Tips: COVID-19 Best Practices Guide - Resource eLibrary

For helpful tips and best practices for COVID-19, please check out the COVID-19 Best Practices Guide available on the Resource eLibrary.

Announcement: New Coverage Added - Active Assailant

New coverage has been added for PIRMA Members - Active Assailant. For more resources about Active Assailant events, please visit the Resource eLibrary.

Announcement: Risk Management Grant Program Update

Teresa DeStefano and Judy Lizza from Thornbury Township received a $5,000 grant check from PIRMA for a bridge stabilization project at the Goose Creek Park in the Township. In 2019, PIRMA awarded $15,000 via its’ Risk Management Grant Program.

2018 Annual Report

Inside this Issue:

  • PIRMA's Commitment
  • A Message from the Chair
  • A Message from the General Counsel
  • Revenue, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets
  • and more...

Announcement: Loss Control and Risk Management Award

West Brandywine Township Receives a 2018 PIRMA Loss Control and Risk Management Award.

PIRMA Regional Meeting and Educational Session

PIRMA held a Regional Meeting and Educational Session on September 13th, in Pottsville.